Protect your applications against vibrations and accidental disconnections!

The IEC LOCK range can be used with any standard IEC socket and protects against accidental disconnection on appliances, vending, computers, PDUs, servers and network devices.

The series is made by unique Lockable C13 & C19 IEC Connectors and Outlets:

C13 IEC Lock rewireble connector

C13 IEC Lock + locking connector

C19 IEC Lock connector

C13 IEC Lock connector

C13 IEC Lock outlet

C19 IEC Lock outlet

C13 IEC Lock angled moulded locking connector

C13 IEC Lock angled rewireable locking connector

They are ideal for protecting devices that are vulnerable to vibration and require a safe and secure power source. The line is designed to be used in hard-to-access areas where ease of removal is crucial such as: Data Centres, Broadcasting, Medical, Military, and Maritime.

The cable is available in different colors (black, red, orange, blue and white) to be instantly identifiable.

It is also available in various lengths depending on the customer’s needs starting from a minimum of 30 cm and can be configured with different international plugs and the wiring version allows the use with any type of cable.

The IECLock connectors are approved by the most important international certifiers (UL, CSA, …) to guarantee hight quality and efficient products.


For further information about IECLock connectors you can contact our technical sales representative at the following email:

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