Energy efficiency, extreme durability and IP54 protection

In the ever-evolving field of commercial refrigeration, companies are constantly seeking cutting-edge solutions to optimize energy efficiency and ensure reliable performance even under extreme conditions. The EC 1238 LT electronic fan is the answer to this need, offering an exceptional combination of efficiency, durability and weather protection.

energy saving

Energy Efficiency

The top quality of this fan is its extraordinary energy efficiency. Consuming only 4.4 watts of energy, it manages to generate an airflow rate of 100 CFM (corresponding to 170 m3/h). In comparison, a standard fan requires 23 watts for a similar air flow rate. This translates into significant savings in operating costs and a major reduction in environmental impact.


Extreme temperature resistance

The EC 1238 LT fan also stands out for its ability to operate in extreme thermal conditions. Conventional fans reach a minimum operating temperature of only -10/-20°C, this fan can work reliably down to -40°C. This feature makes it perfect for applications where temperatures can reach extremely low levels. A useful quality for those designing professional refrigeration counters and refrigeration systems.


IP54 protection

The EC 1238 LT fan also has a solid IP54 level of protection. This means it can operate in environments where dust and water condensation are present. In harsh environments such as commercial refrigeration, this feature translates into longer life and consistent performance over time.

In summary, the EC 1238 LT fan is an excellent solution for commercial refrigeration. Its outstanding energy efficiency, resistance to extreme temperatures, and weather protection make it the ideal choice for those seeking high-performance and reliable cooling solutions. The EC 1238 LT ensures optimal performance and energy savings, benefiting the environment and consumption.

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