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Reed Switch and Hall Effect based sensing solutions

PIC, founded in 1976, is a leading producer of Reed-based solutions: hermetically sealed electromechanical components that open or close a circuit, without mechanical action, through the actuation of a magnetic element.

More to know

A Reed Switch is composed of a pair of ferromagnetic reeds that are hermetically sealed in a glass tube and overlap at their free ends (contact area) at a very small distance.

The contact area is plated with contact material such as Ruthenium or Rhodium. The reeds get magnetized in the opposite polarity in the presence of a magnetic field, attracting each other and closing contact.

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PIC Product Range


Reed Switches

From 0.25w to 250W
Switching voltage up to 15,000 VDC
Micro, Standard, Power and Special versions


SMD Reed Switches

Cost-effective solution for automated PCB assembly


Reed Sensors

Reed Switches with housing and cable


Hall Sensors

Higher switching frequencies and longer lifetime than normal reed sensor


Level Sensors

Stainless steel, PA, PP.


Reed Chains

Simple and effective continuous measuring of liquid levels
Lengths up to 500mm
0.5 to 1A



Magnets and floats
Variety of materials and finishing


Customized Products

Customer-specific modifications products
Wiring, housing, mounting, special materials…

What are the application sectors of PIC and Omega products?

The requirements of each industry sector are specific. Dedicated item offerings, quick and effective customization, mastery of particular technologies, standards, protocols and testing procedures.

Appliances, Industrial Applications, Home Automation and Security, Medical, Sport Equipment, Automotive, E-Vehicles, Measurement and Control metering.




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