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Secure connections for a wide range of applications.

Founded in 1947, ERNI is a leading German manufacturer of quality connectors for the automotive, industrial, data communications, IT and medical markets. In addition, ERNI provides other industries with high quality connectivity solutions, cable assemblies, cable enclosures and more.

More to know

Erni develops and produces all metal parts (including contacts and shields) as well as the matching plastic components (including insulating bodies and housings) themselves. 

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ERNI Product Range


MicroSpeed 1.0mm Power Module

Up to 18A per contact
Shielded design
For stacked, orthogonal, and coplanar applications


MiniBridge 1.27mm

Standard and Koshiri version
Up to 8A per contact
From 2 to 12 pin
-55°C + 150°C


MicroBridge 1.27mm

Up to 9A per contact
From –40°C to +150°C
Developed according to LV214 and USCAR-2 regulations


MaxiBridge 2.54mm

Up to 12A per contact
2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 pin
10 and 20 pin dual row version
-55°C +150°C


DIN-41612 2.54mm Power Module

Acc. To DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2
Up to 78 contacts


PCB connectors

Power Elements
Pre-alignment modules
High Current
Coax Contacts


IBridge Ultra

5 A per contact
From –55°C to +105°C
Dual locking secure contact retention


Circular Connectors M8 / M12

SMT connection technology
Various coding and pin counts
Various coding and pin counts
Protection from dust and water


MicroStac 0.8mm

High current-carrying capacity up to 2.6A
Hermaphroditic connector


MicroCon 0.8mm

Up to 2.3 A per contact
12 – 100 pin version
5-10 mm Board-to-Board distances


MicroSpeed 1.0mm

Data rate up to 25 Gbit/s
Shielded design
For stacked, orthogonal, and coplanar applications


SMC 1.27mm

Data rate up to 3 GBit/s
1.7 A current-carrying capacity
From 12 to 80 contacts
Stack heights of 8 to 40 mm


Ermet Series

ZD, ZDpro, ZDplus
Pitch: 2mm and 2.5mm
Acc. To IEC 6-1076-4-101
Pressfit technology
Data rate up to 25 Gbit/s


Erbic Field Bus

For CAN bus, Profibus or SafetyBUS systems


DIN-41612 2.54mm Power Module

Acc. To DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2
Up to 78 contacts


Housing / Enclosures

KSG Cable Housings for D-Sub – DIN Rail-Housings IDG-A, IDG-B, LDG-A, LDG-S – DIN Cable Housings


Cable Assembly

Trimmed cables
Crimped contact terminals
Complete wire harnesses


Backplanes and complete systems

Customer specific Backplanes
Complete Systems

What are the application sectors of Erni and Omega products?

The requirements of each industry sector are specific. Dedicated item offerings, quick and effective customization, mastery of particular technologies, standards, protocols and testing procedures.

Automotive, Automation, Transport, Medical, Aerospace and Military, Tele and Data Communication, Instrumentation.


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