NTC, PTC and RTD temperature sensors

In the field of protection for electric vehicles (PEV) and hybrids (PHEV) Thermodisc (Emerson Group) offers a wide range of temperature sensors to optimize thermal control and increase the safety of cars.

Electric recharge columns

Thanks to the NTC temperature sensor positioned on the column, it’s possible to monitor the temperature during battery recharging and signal any malfunctions to avoid current overloads that could damage vehicles.

Battery pack

To protect the battery pack, various sensors are available with connector or with screw fixing directly on the battery pack. They allow to continuously detect the temperature in order to signal eventual overheating.

Cabin and engine control

In addition, Thermodisc develops and manufactures sensors for outdoor, cabin (HVAC) and engine temperature control.

Upon request and customer specifications are able to design custom components with NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient), PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) technology to meet the needs of different projects.

The main Thermodisc series are AEC-Q200 approved according to automotive standards.

For more information about Thermodisc/Emerson’s NTC, PTC and RTD sensors please contact our technical sales engineer at the following e-mail address: f.fasani@omegafusibili.it

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