OMEGA FUSIBILI SPA, founded in 1947, has always shown a strong determination in trying to develop and prosper its business. It is precisely from this point of view that OMEGA FUSIBILI SPA has decided to face a very important challenge, in fact we are proud to announce that our company has concluded the acquisition of Fusimport company, exclusive distributor of the BS and UL Bussmann fuses, as well as of the Coiltronics, Polysurge and Powerstor products on the Italian territory.

With this agreement we will therefore be able to offer an extraordinarily wide range of fuses, from electronic protection to electrical protection, approved throughout the world. intention is to apply the working method that has always distinguished us also to the Bussmann brand.

The products will therefore soon be included in the Omega catalog, and even before managed in stock. This should allow us, in a certain period, to significantly reduce delivery times and therefore increase volumes.

With this further investment, OMEGA FUSIBILI SPA demonstrates the constant commitment to offer its customers products of high quality standards, innovative items and prompt delivery.