In the latest years Omega has committed to significant investments to face the commercial challenge of the next decade with a renewed and modern organization.
Though going through the worst global economic crisis we completed important acquisitions, transforming Omega in a Group which, today, is made of 4 different Companies, with 85 inside workers and over 60 agents in different European Countries.
Our new head-office, with extensive and luminous offices, features fully automated warehouses at the service of our customers to satisfy each need with precision and ability.
Today we introduce a new product range. And we do not only do it by simply printing a catalogue, but also by creating a working “team” of extraordinary capabilities. The new agreement with Ventec, made with the founders of the first and most known Italian distributor of fans, projects ourselves to the top of the technical-trading experience in this domain. The experience of Omega in the setting, the logistic and mostly the capillar sales network will be able to catch the challenge.
A new challenge to win!