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Pelko Motors

High quality innovative engineering.

Pelko Motors born in America, plant in China, leader in the production of fans and radial blowers. The company is committed to satisfying its customers by using high quality raw material combined with innovative engineering.

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Pelko’s fans are characterized by high reliability, a good price-performance ratio, as well as its various customization options (IP sealing levels, speed control, temperature, etc..)
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PELKO Product Range

DC Blower

53x31mm, 120x32mm, 193x73mm
Functions: FG, RD, PWM
Up to IP67

DC Axial Fans

From 25x10mm to 172x150x51mm Functions: FG, RD,PWM
Up to IP67

What are the application sectors of Pelko Motors and Omega products?

The requirements of each industry sector are specific. Dedicated item offerings, quick and effective customization, mastery of particular technologies, standards, protocols and testing procedures.

Agricultural Machinery, Material Handling, Defense, Industrial Automation, Safety, Construction, Medical, Transport, Surveillance, Automotive, Off-road Vehicles, Security.




Emergency stop button / E-Stop IDEC

Emergency stop button / E-Stop IDEC

Emergency stop button operation An emergency stop switch, when pressed, will cause the actuator to de-energise, immediately stop any process in progress and inform the controller of this situation. The controller is programmed with a special sequence that allows the...

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Sustainability by Eaton

Sustainability by Eaton

The programme: 1. What does sustainable development mean? 2. The 3 pillars of sustainable development 3. Why has sustainable development become important today? 4. Eaton commitments 5. Eaton is committed to improving the quality of life and the environment 6. Omega...

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