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A leading manufacturer of environmentally sealed connectors and components with over 95 years of industry experience.  Used in every field, Bulgin products comply with the strictest regulations both in terms of quality and reliability.

Founded in 1972, Morsettitalia has gradually developed a complete range of DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks in both traditional screw and screwless versions.

More to know

Morsettialia has developed a complete marking system for adaptable marker plates, a family of relays and signal converters.

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Morsetittalia bornier rail din Euro Q

Screwless terminal block

Wiring section from 2,15 mm² à 10 mm²
Rigid and flexible cable
32A to 45A
360V to 630V

Morsettitalia bornier rail din euro X

Plug-in conductor terminal block

Wiring section 2,5 mm²
Rigid and flexible cable

Morsettitalia Bornier rail din Euro Full

Universal terminal block

Wiring section from 2,5 mm² à 6 mm²
Rigid and flexible cable
24A to 32A
300V to 1 000V

Euro PT

Power terminal block

Wiring section from 70 mm² à 240 mm²
Rigid and flexible cable
192A to 415A
1 000V

Euro Pro

Power block for high current

Wiring section from 35 mm² to 240 mm²
Rigid and flexible cable
120A à 425A
1 000V

What are the application sectors of Morsettitalia and Omega products?

The range of Bulgin products are especially designed for a variety of markets:

Industrial, Automation, Tools & Machinery, Instrumentation & Measurement, Medical, Transport, Surveillance, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Security, Appliances.




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