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An exceptional portfolio that makes the differance.

Littelfuse is a global reference in the field of electrical circuit protection and developed the first blade-type fuse for the automotive industry, which later became an industry standard. Based in Chicago, it employs over 12,000 people and has its own engineering, manufacturing and sales facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

More to know

Littelfuse is an industrial technology firm dedicated to making the world a more sustainable, connected, and secure place. We collaborate with customers to build and deliver innovative, dependable solutions across more than 15 countries and 12,000 worldwide employees. Our products can be found in a variety of industrial, transportation, and electronics end markets all over the world, serving over 100,000 end customers.

Our products are found in a wide range of industrial, transportation, and electronics end markets—everywhere, every day—serving over 100,000 end customers. Littelfuse was formed in 1927 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

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LITTELFUSE Product Range

Blade Fuses

Current: from 1A to 80A
Voltage: 32VDC

JCase Fuses

Current: from 20A to 60A
Voltage: 32VDC/58VDC

ZCase Fuses

Current: from 50A to 600A
Voltage: 32VDC/58VDC
Interrupting power: 2000A/32VDC

Fuses for Battery

Current: from 25A to 500A
Voltage: 32VDC/80VDC
Pitch 30mm and 50,8mm

Distribution Modules

Fuse boxes in several configurations
Sealing: IP67/IP59K

Manual Battery Switches

Unipolar, bipolar, panel mounting, key switch
Current: from 100A to 500A

Electrical Battery Switches

Different models: with remote control, ignition or switch in the cabin

Plugs and Sockets

Safe connetion, water tightness

Spiral Coils with Plug and Socket

7 and 15 poles

Plugs and Sockets in ABS or EBS

Voltage: 12V or 24V
ISO7638 compliant

Spiral Coils in ABS or EBS

Various diameters
ISO4141 compliant

What are the application sectors of Littelfuse and Omega products?

The requirements of each industry sector are specific. Dedicated item offerings, quick and effective customization, mastery of particular technologies, standards, protocols and testing procedures.

Agricultural Machinery, Material Handling, Defense, Industrial Automation, Safety, Construction, Medical, Transport, Surveillance, Automotive, Off-road Vehicles, Security.




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