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Johnson Electric

High quality microswitches and custom motors for every need.

Johnson Electric is a world leader in motors, control systems and flexible interconnections. Their products serve a broad range of industries including: automation, food and beverage, industrial and electrical equipment and medical devices. Product differentiation, high performance supply chain and customer support are the cornerstones of the group.

More to know

Our added value is the ability to offer customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each application.

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Johnson Electric Ultraminiature Microswitches

Ultraminiature Microswitches

Current: from 0,3A to 5A
Voltage: 250V
Sealing: IP54/IP67 available

Johnson Electric Subminiature Microswitches

Subminiature Microswitches

Current: from 5A to 12A
Voltage: 250V
Sealing: IP40/IP67 available

Johnson Electric Miniature Microswitches

Miniature Microswitches

Current: from 5A to 12A
Voltage: 250V
Sealing: IP67 available

Johson Electric Standard Microswitches

Standard Microswitches

Current: from 10A to 25A
Voltage: 125V/250V
Sealing: IP67 available

Johnson Electric AC Synchronous Motors

AC Synchronous Motors

From ø13mm to ø64mm
Combinable with gearboxes
Linear version available

Johnon Electric AC Stepper Motors

AC Stepper Motors

From ø13mm to ø64mm
Combinable with gearboxes
Speed control and step angle control
Linear version available

Johnson Electric Gearboxes


Load from 30cNm to 2500cNm
Different sizes available

Johnson Electric DC Brush Motors

DC Brush Motors

From ø20mm to ø60mm
Brushless available

Johnson Electric Universal AC Motors

Universal AC Motors

Laminated core from ø40mm to ø100mm

Johnson Electric Open Frame Solenoids

Open Frame Solenoids

From 10x8x16mm to 41x37x55mm
Force from 10N to 70N

Johnson Electric Tubular Solenoids

Tubular Solenoids

Push and pull versions
From 13x44mm to 38x65mm

Johnson Electric Rotary Solenoids

Rotary Solenoids

From ø20mm to ø90mm
Types: three-ball, low profile, soft shift

What are the application sectors of Johnson Electric and Omega products?

The range of Johnson Electric products are especially designed for a variety of markets:

Medical devices, Smart meters, Lawn and garden, Power tools, Building automation, Food & Beverage, Industrial equipment, Speciality vehicles, Personal care, Laboratory equipment.




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