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A world for automation.

IDEC Corporation is a leading manufacturer of automation components and control devices. Founded in 1945 in Japan, IDEC Corporation has over 70 years of experience in the field and is recognized as an innovation-oriented company constantly seeking high quality solutions.

More to know

In pursuit of the corporate mission of making social contributions as part of all its endeavours since its founding, IDEC has been dedicated to providing a wide range of products and services centering on control and safety technologies.

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IDEC Product Range

Idec Ø16mm Emergency Stop

Ø16mm Emergency Stop

Up to 2 or 4 contacts
Different operator sizes
Safe Break technology

Idec Ø22mm Emergency Stop

Ø22mm Emergency Stop

Up 4 contacts
Different operator sizes
With or without “Safe Block” technology Also bright

Idec Ø30mm Emergency Stop

Ø30mm Emergency Stop

Operator from 40/44/60mm
Up to 3 or 4 contacts
With or without “Safe Block” technology

IDEC Ø8/Ø10/Ø12mm Actuators

Ø8/Ø10/Ø12mm Actuators

Types: pushbuttons, indicators
Unipolar and bipolar

Idec Ø16mm Actuators

Ø16mm Actuators

Types: pushbuttons, indicators, selectors
Up to 2 or 3 poles
Also bright


Ø22mm Actuators

Types: pushbuttons, indicators, selctors, lever
Up to 2, 3, 4, and 6 poles
Also bright

Idec Ø30mm Actuators

Ø30mm Actuators

Types: pushbuttons, indicators, selectors
Up to 4 poles

Idec Low Profile Actuators

Low Profile Actuators

ø18, ø22 and ø25mm
Up to 3 or 6 poles
Also bright

Idec Enabling Switches

Enabling Switches

Three positions (OFF-ON-OFF)
Also with palm/thumb grip
Colors: yellow, grey, black

Idec laser scanner

Laser Scanner

Small size (85x85x95mm)
Sensign angle 270°, up to 5mt
Master & Slave connectivity (up to 4 devices)

IDEC Interlock Switches

Interlock Switches

Types: mechanicals, with solenoid, RFID, magnetics
Sealing: IP67
Different sizes available, even compact

Idec Light Curtains

Light Curtains

Type 4, category4 PLe SIL3
Sealing: IP67
Zero dead space structure

Idec Explosion-Proof Components

Explosion-Proof Components

Control boxes, pilot lights, pushbuttons, selectors, e-stops and industrial led lights

Idec Signal Tower Lights

Signal Tower Lights

Oval shape
Sealing: IP65/IP54
Mounting: direct, pole with base, wall, frame
Also with alarm sound

Idec Buzzers and Light Indicators

Buzzers and Light Indicators

Waterproof buzzers with light
(EN81- 0/50)
Bright led dome

Idec PLC


Embedded I/O
Compact Size
Sealing: IP20
Models: Touch, Pro and Lite
High performance and high speed processing



High performance LCD
Sizes: 4.3″/5.7″/8.4″/10.4″/12.1″
Sealing: IP66/IP67f
TFT or monochrome color

Idec Sensors, Photocells and Scanners

Sensors, Photocells and Scanners

Models: photoelectric, laser
Distances: from 2mt to 20mt

Idec Led Lighting

Led Lighting

Types: slim, compact, rugged
Different sizes available
Also high brightness

Idec Relays


Different configurations
From 1 to 6 poles
DIN rail, panel or PCB mounting
Contacts: screw, plug-in, pcb, blade/tab

What are the application sectors of IDEC and Omega products?

The requirements of each industry sector are specific. Dedicated item offerings, quick and effective customization, mastery of particular technologies, standards, protocols and testing procedures.

Agricultural Machinery, Material Handling, Defense, Industrial Automation, Safety, Construction, Medical, Transport, Surveillance, Automotive, Off-road Vehicles, Security.




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