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Eaton, founded in 1911, is a global corporation that has a wide range of energy management components and systems in its product portfolio. Thanks to its long experience and excellent internal organization, it has become a reference point for electrical protection, charge and current storage systems.

More to know

Eaton offers a range of electronics components that include power magnetics, circuit protection, supercapacitors and terminal blocks products. Eaton features a broad variety of Bussmann™ Series circuit protection products including one-time fuses, accompanying fuse accessories, PPTC resettable devices, and ESD suppressors. With over 100 years of circuit protection expertise, Eaton is committed to designing and manufacturing the most innovative portfolio of circuit protection products.

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EATON Product Range

5x20mm fuse

Cilindrical fuses 5x20mm

Current: from 32mA to 25A
Glass or Ceramic
Fast or Time delay

63x20mm fuse

Cilindrical fuses 6,3x32mm

Current: from 1A to 13A



SMD fuses

Current: from 250mA to 30A
Size: 1025, 6125, 3216
Voltage: from 32V to 250V
Fast or Time delay



Current: from 50mA to 6,3A
Voltage: 250V
Fast or Time delay


Base mounting and PCB fuseholders

Current: from 6,3A to 10A
Voltage: from 250V to 300V
For 5×20 and 6,3×32 fuses

Panel fuse holder

Panel mounting fuseholders

Current: from 6A to 30A
Voltage: from 250V to 600V
For 5×20, 6,3×32 and 10×38 fuses


ESD and TVS protections

(ESD) Size: 0201, 0402, 0603
Very low capacitance
(TVS) Op. Voltage from 3,3V to >70V


MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)

Operative Voltage: up to 510Vac / 670Vdc
Types: SMD and THT


DC/DC converters

Input Voltage: up to 14.4Vdc or 32Vdc
High efficiency up to 96%



Shilded or non shilded
Different sizes
Automotive AEC-Q200 available

common mode

Common Mode

SMD mounting
Inductance range from 5,5μH to 1600μH



Power: from 1W to 70W
Custom products



Capacitance: from 0,22F to 200F
Voltage: 2.5V, 2.7V and 2.8V

Coin supercap Coincell

Supercapacitors coin cells

Capacitance: from 0,22F to 5F
Voltage: 5V and 5,4V



Capacitance: from 300F to 3000F
Voltage: 5V, 5,4V and 6V

2,7 AND 3V

2,7V and 3V supercapacitors

Capacitance: from 3000F to 3400F
Single cell

16V AND 18V

16V and 18V supercapacitors modules

Capacitance: 61,7F and 65F
UR approved
Vibration resistant


259,2V supercapacitors modules

Capacitance: 4,17F and 6,25F
Cells mounted on PCB


62V and 69V supercapacitors modules

Capacitance: 188F
Temperature: -40°C +65°C

48V and 51V

48V and 51V supercapacitors modules

Capacitance: 166F
UR approved (only 51V)


16,2V supercapacitors modules

Capacitance: 500F
High efficiency, more than 98%

What are the application sectors of Eaton and Omega products?

The range of Bulgin products are especially designed for a variety of markets:

Aerospace, Halthcare & Medical, Machine Building, Vehicles, Rail, Renewable, Military, Power Supply, Smart Meters.


Idec high-performance HMI

Idec high-performance HMI

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Specialist lever switch

Specialist lever switch

At Omega we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of quality products to meet all our customers' needs. That is why we are pleased to introduce the lever switch range from APEM, a leading manufacturer in the field of industrial electronics. Toggle switches are...

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Q8 series LED indicators

Q8 series LED indicators

Q8 series Apem LED indicators distributed by Ermec The Apem Q8 series LED bezel features a coloured epoxy resin lens with a 5mm clear super bright LED. The bezel is protruding, recessed and flush (2.8x0.8). Solder lug, pin or termination has a 200mm...

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