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Adels Contact bianco

Adels Contact

The specialists in connection technology. Quality and flexibility that make a difference.

Adels Contact is a German family business founded in 1930. It has always specialised in the design and manufacture of a wide range of connections such as terminal blocks, lighting connectors, standard and IP connectors as well as transformer terminal blocks and LED connectors. Constant innovation and customer support are the strengths of a solid and reliable company.

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More than half a million terminal blocks and connectors leave the factory every day. Adels Contact’s high-quality products are essential components in the lighting, household appliances and electronics industries.

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Screw-screw terminal blocks

Current: from 16A to 40A
Voltage: from 230V to 750V
From 1 to 12 poles
Available also in ceramic

SCREW-SCREWLESS adels contact

Screw-screwless terminal blocks

Current/Voltage: 16A/450V
From 1 to 12 poles

Screwless Adels contacts

Screwless terminal blocks

Current/Voltage: 16A/450V
From 2 to 5 poles

with Fuseholder

Terminal blocks with fuse holder

Current: from 16A to 25A
Voltage: from 400V to 500V
From 1 to 5 poles
For 5×20 and 6,3×32 mm fuses


Transformer connectors

Current: from 10A to 70A
Voltage: from 400V to 750V
From 1 to 2 poles – With or whitout fuse holder


SMD terminal blocks

Voltage: from 320V to 600V
From 1 to 2 poles
Isolated and not


AC166 Connectors

Current/Voltage: 16A/250V
From 2 to 5 poles
Panel mounting and In-line


AC 164 Connectors

From 2 to 5 poles
Panel mounting and In-line


AC162 Connectors

Plugs and sockets for Led
Wired and to-be-wired version
Also for low voltage

Terminal Led

Terminal Led

Current/Voltage: 6A/150V
3 poles
Series and parallel version

Compact Unit

Compact unit for luminaires

Current/Voltage: 6A/400V
From 3 to 5 poles
Sealing: IP66

Led track

Led Track

Channel electrification system
Current/Voltage: 16A/400V
From 3 to 11 poles – Wired or unwired

What are the application sectors of Adels and Omega products?

The Adels Contact product range is specifically designed for a wide range of markets:

Lighting, LED lighting, Installation, Electric Appliances, Transformers, Electronic.


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