Efficient and compact DC-DC converters

Eaton, distributed by Omega, adds two series of high-efficiency non-isolated DC-DC voltage converters for PCB (86% to 96%) to its range. The EPM (Eaton Power Modules) have a higher efficiency than normal regulators in addition to covering a wide range of input voltages.

EPM converters comply with EN62368 and their operating temperatures is between -40°C and +90°C.

Reduced power consumption and programmable output voltage capabilities complete the technical picture. Both families offer short-circuit protection in overcurrent episodes.

Download Data Sheets:
EPM78V – 4.75V to 32V, 1A, non-isolated, 3-pin
EPM12V1 – 3V-14V, 1A, Non-Isolated, SMD Version
EPM12V2 – 3V-14.4V, 12A, Non-Isolated, SMD Version

They are ideal for use on a PCB for industrial, energy (e.g. solar inverters), medical and telecom applications.

For further information about DC-DC voltage converters you can contact our technical sales representative at the following email: f.fasani@omegafusibili.it

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