Apem XS low profile joystick, Hall effect

The new XS series fingertip joystick is a two-axis, Hall-effect joystick with a low profile ideal for precise control.

With a low panel height of less than 45mm, the XS fingertip joystick provides easy access to other elements located on the control panel. The compact, low-profile design reduces its vulnerability to unintentional activation and damage from accidental drops when mounted on portable devices.

Apem’s XS fingertip joystick is the ideal product to install on remote controllers and cabs in the material handling, construction, robotics and marine industries.

Over 10 million cycles, IP66 front seal and Sil2 compliant, it is the ideal solution for outdoor applications where safety is essential.

Apem’s XS is designed to meet applications where a combination of compact design and ruggedness is needed, but without requiring a series like the TS joystick.

Main features of Apem XS finger joystick:

  • Available with one or two axes
  • Metallic mechanism
  • Analog or PWM outputs
  • Low profile, less than 45mm above panel
  • IP66 front panel

Download the datasheet: XS series joystick


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