Bulgin’s new Rectangular Power Connectors

The new rectangular power connectors series introduce a new and improved range of Bulgin connectors.
The series has a male and female option, as well as modifications including enhanced seal retention, protective end caps, shrink boot adapters, welded flange, terminating resistors and a Y-Type connector for industrial and automotive industries.

Main features

  • IP68 when mated with a compatible connector
  • 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 12 contacts
  • Crimp contacts
  • Choice of Enhanced Seal Retention, Protective End Caps, Shrink Boot Adapters, Welded Flange, Terminating Resistors and a Y-Type Connector
  • Locking system supplied

Why choose Bulgin Rectangular Power Connectors?

The Bulgin range of rectangular waterproof power connectors offer a reliable and robust solution for cable connections in harsh environments. The series offers both male and female options, as well as modifications including improved sealing, protective end caps, cable glands, solder flange, termination resistors and a Y-connector for industrial and automotive applications.

Discover the technical data sheet of the new connectors and their accessories: Bulgin Rectangular Power Connectors

For further informations, you can contact our product manager at this email address: m.mariani@omegafusibili.it

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