Emergency stop button operation

An emergency stop switch, when pressed, will cause the actuator to de-energise, immediately stop any process in progress and inform the controller of this situation. The controller is programmed with a special sequence that allows the power to return (when the emergency stop button is released and the actuator is closed) in a non-critical and safe mode for the operator. By its immediate action, the emergency stop can protect or prevent the deterioration of the integrity of the PLC and/or its operators in the event of a non-critical event.

Emergency stop button symbol

The electrical symbol for the emergency stop is a mushroom on the pole (arc on a straight line). The straight line of the pole is the support for one side of the right-angled triangle at its lower end, the point of which extends away from the mushroom and ends the pole. In the extension of the lever, the dotted line is the control switch. In the technical documents, it is usually called EMO (emergency stop) or ESB (emergency stop button).

Emergency stop button symbol

The IDEC E-Stop range

IDEC’s E-stop switches have transformed the way emergency stops are designed by using Safe Break Action technology to ensure a machine is stopped.
IDEC’s X-Series switches use “Safe Break Action” technology, a unique feature that disconnects normally closed contacts, ensuring that the machine is stopped even if the emergency switch is damaged or the contact blocks separate.


Protected employees and productivity

Developing innovative products designed to improve machine safety while providing a positive user experience, IDEC innovations have helped shape the global industrial automation market. This includes working with various organisations to increase international standardisation within the manufacturing industry.


Why choose IDEC E-Stop switches?

IDEC E-Stop switches offer many advantages:

They can be reset by pulling or turning the operator (push-tolock, pull/turn-to-reset).
IDEC E-stop controls have been tested in the field, proving their quality and reliability.
They are environmentally friendly, durable and efficient.
IDEC E-stop buttons are fully customisable and comply with ISO standards.


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